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Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC represents clients seeking federal and state governmental affairs advice and assistance particularly for matters dealing with project enabling legislation, energy policy and tax matters and federal and state agency project awards including applied research and development. Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hiscock & Barclay, LLP, a 200-attorney law firm with offices throughout the major cities of New York State, as well as in Boston, Washington, D.C. and Toronto. Because the federal congressional process is an extended and multi-year process, Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC is presently and directly engaged in projects from ranging from FY 2007 into FY 2013. Mosaic Federal Affairs also retains reporting responsibility and liaison duties for projects dating back to FY 2005. Michael R. Brower is Mosaic Federal Affairs' Senior Federal Policy Director responsible for the firm's operations and legislative objectives and priorities.

Brower is a retired career senior naval officer and aviator who also served in the Secretary of the Navy’s personal office as Special Assistant for Air Warfare communicating United States Navy legislative policy to the Congress for Secretaries of the Navy Lehman, Webb and Ball. After naval service, Brower was a government agency executive director, bank director, farmer, a federal and New York State legislative affairs consultant and Director, Community and Governmental Relations at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF). Throughout his 30+year legislative affairs career, Brower has focused on policy and funding authorizations and appropriations legislation and project enabling legislation, energy policy and tax matters and federal and state agency project awards including applied research and development. Brower helped Hiscock and Barclay establish Mosaic Federal Affairs in January 2006.

Federally and in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Mississippi, Maryland, Florida, Texas, and California; Mosaic Federal Affairs specializes in energy & water development projects with a keen focus on renewable and sustainable energy technologies, defense-related energy and acquisition projects including solar, wind and hybrid solar-wind, transportation and science/environmental research and development authorizations for appropriations, appropriations and policy matters.

Presently, Mosaic represents three major renewable generators deploying woody biomass, utility-scale hydraulic mix anaerobic bio-digestion  and geothermal technologies, an engineering firm with a significant renewable energy and water practice, three colleges and universities and one very-high technology defense and energy efficiency lighting research and development firm. Mosaic Federal Affairs also represents the government relations interests of "The New York State Bioenergy Learning Collaborative," and  "The Biorefinery in New York" a 5,000,000 gallon per year cellulosic bio-chemical and thermo-chemical woody biomass to liquid transportation fuels and bioproducts commercial manufacturing demonstration project.

Mosaic Federal Affairs is registered as a lobbyist with the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Secretary of the United States Senate, and several state lobbying commissions.
U.S. Capitol - January 2011
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