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Leading Actions

Leading actions typically occur 15-18 months before the appropriations cycle fiscal year commences. During Phase I, the appropriations specialist must be skilled and networked well enough to help impact decisions in order to gain congressional support for a potential project. These actions involve coordination with program sponsors and appropriations staff about the availability, suitability and effectiveness of a specific agency account or accounts for a specific appropriation. Leading actions often require the authoring and enactment of particularly worded Authorizations for Appropriations language in suitable legislation to be introduced and enacted by the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. This requires close coordination with each Chamber’s authorizing committees. Mosaic Federal Affairs has crafted, introduced and enacted beneficial Authorizations for Appropriations language in such important national legislation as the 2004 "Farm Bill", the 2005 "Transportation Bill", the 2005 "Energy Bill", and the 2006 and 2007 "National Defense Authorizations Bills". In each instance, Mosaic Federal Affairs achieved related appropriations successes. Mosaic Federal Affairs has already been asked by the United States Department of Agriculture to provide input on renewable energy and forestry titles for the upcoming Agriculture Reauthorization Bill, the next national "Farm Bill".

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