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Approximately 12-13 months are required to enact the appropriations language granting the award to the specific project or account (Phase II). Phase II includes preparation of the Background Information Outline (BIO) concisely detailing project parameters; submission of that BIO to the appropriate congressional sponsor, including all briefings, hearings and formal and informal visits and project explanations for the congressional sponsor and staff in order to garner the requisite congressional sponsorship. An appropriations specialist must be skilled and networked well enough to help impact decisions at each of these crucial steps.

Next, the proposed appropriation is introduced to the permanent committee or subcommittee staff with governance over the agency account identified as the funding mechanism. If the BIO is engrossed into the particular committee bill, the project, as a component of the bill, is individually and generally not simultaneously debated on the House and Senate floor. The appropriations specialist must be available and able to answer critical questions at anytime…day or night…during this phase.

The particular committee bill is then acted on by vote, and if enacted, enrolled by the Clerk of the House and Secretary of the Senate to be reviewed by a Conference Committee, which is a bicameral committee of managers empowered to act for their respective chambers and political parties. The appropriations specialist must be available and able to answer critical questions at anytime from Conference Committee members or staff…day or night…during conference.

If approved by the conference committee, the legislation is either passed or defeated by the House and Senate. If passed, the legislation is sent to the President to be signed into Public Law. If rejected by one or both Houses, the conference process resumes.

Mosaic Federal Affairs is presently advancing Phase II FY 2008 appropriations requests for existing client projects. Mosaic Federal Affairs’ unique talents and skills look to enable FY 2008 research and development funding and significantly enhance important national security, natural resources management, sensor technology, water quality and renewable energy research. Mosaic will start FY 2009 efforts in November 2007.

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