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Agency Coordination

Following enactment into Public Law, agency coordination commences (Phase III) and generally requires 8-12 months following Public Law enactment to achieve agency release of project funds from the specific federal agency account. This involves formal establishment of program management relationships and formal submission of detailed plans of work, budgetary strategies and timelines. This is a very sensitive evolution since two cultures, the agency and the awardee, must be melded into a single and effective operations team able to act on the intent of Congress. Achieved, successful outcomes of congressional intent are often very dependent on effective and diplomatic agency coordination. Close relationships with agency legislative affairs staff and appreciation of the agency climate are very important. Mosaic Federal Affairs’ long-standing Washington experience and close cordial relationships with federal agency legislative, program management, senior executive service and appointed leadership has been a vital asset in the timely and positive resolution and streamlining of the agency funds release process for clients.

Presently, Mosaic Federal Affairs has direct negotiation and coordination responsibilities for $7.2M in Phase III federal projects involving significant new projects approved and funded by Congress, but still pending agency release of funds. Mosaic Federal Affairs’ encyclopedic program knowledge of programmatic details is an irreplaceable asset in these important closing negotiations. Mosaic Federal Affairs has demonstrated a particular thoroughness and attention to detail able to unsnarl even the most complex bureaucratic details.

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