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When did appropriations funding first cross the $1,000,000,000 mark in a single year?

Appropriations Process History (From the Chair, Appropriations Committee)

In the first year for which the new Committee on Appropriations reported the general bills, fiscal year 1867, total expenditures of the Government were $357,542,675. In the ensuing 100 years the lowest expenditure level was $236,964,327 - in fiscal year 1878. The Spanish-American War period marked the high point for the remainder of the century; in fiscal year 1899 expenditures reached $605,072,179, but by 1902 had dropped back to $485,234,249. With the onset of World War I expenditures again crossed the billion-dollar mark in fiscal year 1917, reached a war peak of $18,514,879,955 in fiscal year 1919, and receded by fiscal year 1927 to $2,974,029,674, the lowest subsequent level.

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