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What was the fiscal “highpoint” amount appropriated during World War Two?

Appropriations Process History (From the Chair, Appropriations Committee)

By 1940, spending in appropriations bills had climbed to $14.6 billion as a result mainly of various New Deal legislation - when we began meeting local problems with national programs. Since 1934, our national wealth has increased 41 times. By 1943, the fiscal high point of World War II, some $143.8 billion was being spent. After World War II, spending declined to the $30 billion range and then increased to $91.1 billion in 1951 in connection with the Korean War. After the Korean War, Federal spending in appropriations bills decreased to $47.6 billion in 1954. This is the last period in the Federal budget in which spending has decreased. Every year after 1954 spending has steadily increased in order to help meet the needs facing the country.

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