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When was the first Congressional Baseball Game?

Congressional Baseball Game (From the Office of the Clerk of the House)

What began as a casual game among colleagues in 1909 has evolved into one of Congress’s most anticipated annual pastimes. Each summer, Representatives and Senators don baseball uniforms, organize teams along party lines, and play ball for charity. In its long century, the Congressional Baseball Game has raised millions of dollars for local charities in the District of Columbia. Over time, it attracted crowds of congressional staffers and, at times, even drew dignitaries and Presidents as spectators.

Who won the first six Congressional Baseball Games?

Congressional Baseball Game (From The Office of the Clerk of the House)

Representative John Tener of Pennsylvania, a former professional baseball player, organized the inaugural baseball game in 1909. The Boston Daily Globe observed, “The game was brewing for weeks and the members of the house were keyed up a high pitch of enthusiasm. Deep, dark rumors were in circulation that ‘ringers’ would be introduced, but when they lined up at 4 o’clock the nine republicans were stalwart, grand old party men, while the democrats were of the pure Jeffersonian strain.”1 Democrats drubbed their Republican opponents, 26-16, for the first of six consecutive wins. Republicans won their first game in 1916.

When was the Congressional Baseball Game first broadcast on radio?

The Congressional Baseball Game (From The Office of the Clerk of the House)

Due to its growing popularity, the Congressional Baseball Game was first covered via radio in 1928. The radio broadcast continued in succeeding years.

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